Residencies OPEN: Art Day Out! at NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore

Residencies OPEN offers a rare insight into the often introverted sphere of the artists’ studio. Through showcasing discussions, performances, research and works-in-progress, Residencies OPEN profiles the diversity of contemporary art practice and the divergent ways artists conceive artwork with the studio as a constant space for experimentation and research.

This edition of Residencies OPEN as part of Art Day Out! at Gillman Barracks – Year End Edition features video installations and several book-related projects. Participants include Artists-in-Residence Heman Chong (Singapore), Ho Rui An (Singapore), Arin Rungjang (Thailand), SHIMURAbros (Japan/Germany), and Tamara Weber (United States).

SHIMURAbros (Japan/Germany)

Block 37 Malan Road, Studio #01-04

During their residency, SHIMURAbros will expand their previous research on Singapore’s archaeology and film history to explore the reverse trajectories and movements of various archaeological items from Southeast Asia to Singapore. Their research materials include books, photographs, documents, films, and archival footage.

In 24!= the artists rearranged the 24 frames composing one second in the first feature-length motion picture with synchronized sound, The Jazz Singer (1927), when the sentence “You ain’t heard nothing yet” is spoken, according to all the possible permutations of the 24 frames. The time needed to screen the whole film exceeds the life-span of a star.